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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School A place of learning - A community of Christ

Year 5

In autumn term, the class will use the Spiderwick chronicles books as a basis to write exciting recounts. In the build up to Christmas, they will write autobiographies about the poet Benjamin Zephaniah and then look at his famous poem ‘Talkin Turkeys’. In Numeracy, the children will develop their understanding of written methods and consider new strategies to tackle bigger numbers. RE lessons will enable the children to think deeply about themselves and their relationships to others. They will consider their individual missions in life and why God created them in the image of Himself. The Science topics are themed around force and Space and the children will design PowerPoints about Our Solar System which rely on hyperlinks. After half term, computing lessons will enable the children to programme a maze game using Scratch. French lessons during the autumn term will include teaching the children to say what sports they like/dislike and how they travel to and from school. In History, the children will learn about the Tudors and visit the Amersham Museum to find out more about the local Tudor history of our area.


During the spring term, the children will develop their descriptive writing through describing characters in detail. They will also learn different poetic and letter writing techniques. Numeracy will deepen their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and how to convert between them. In addition, they will look at different ways of presenting data alongside consolidating all written methods. In R.E., the children will think about the Eucharist and how it keeps the memory of Jesus’ sacrifice alive and present in a special way. During lent, they will consider The Last Supper and think about the celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice. They will take part in a special project of their choosing that helps the community and aids them to think deeply about the world around them. As part of their PE this term, the children will have swimming lessons once a week at our local leisure centre. The Science topic in spring is linked to different materials and will involve practical investigations in to how to separate and classify them. In Music lessons, the children will continue learning how to play brass instruments competently and will begin reading sheet music. Art lessons will explore different print techniques and the children will visit the National Gallery in London on a school trip.


In the summer term, Literacy lessons will look at how to create suspense and mystery in stories. In addition, the children will create balanced arguments and have the opportunity to take part in debates.  In Numeracy, the children will solve problems with numbers up to three decimal places. They will also convert metric and imperial measures and deduce missing angles in shapes. R.E will enable the children to develop their understanding that the Holy Spirit’s gift is for everyone and think about how it transformed Paul. They will also reflect on the Ten Commandments and how their freedom to makes choices should be used responsibly. This term, the children will learn about the lifecycles of animals and plants in Science and will visit Whipsnade Zoo to further their understanding of conservation and extinction. In Geography, the children will find out about the power of wind including hurricanes and tornadoes. Design and Technology projects this term will result in the children designing and constructing bridges made from a variety of materials.