Catholic Life

‘In your Catholic schools there is always a bigger picture, over and above the individual subjects you study, the different skills you learn. All the work you do is placed in the context of growing in friendship with God, and all that flows from that friendship. So you learn not just to be good students, but good citizens, good people…. Always remember that every subject you study is part of a bigger picture ... a good school provides a rounded education for the whole person.’

Pope Benedict XVI 2010

At Our Lady’s, everything that we do is informed by Gospel values and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are a loving and welcoming community , where the presence of God is reflected in our daily routine. Through the pattern of daily prayer, the celebration of the sacraments of the Church, works of charity, and through a striving for justice in all it does, our school seeks to be a catechetical community in which the content of the life of faith is shared.

We recognise that every pupil is unique and is created in the image of God (Gen 1:27). The Catholic life of our school is rich in opportunities for children to encounter God and to deepen their relationship with Him as a loving, compassionate Father. We do this through formal and informal prayer, Religious Education lessons and through the relationships and support for each other that children, staff and parents enjoy within the school community.

Staff pray and work together to support each other in providing the very best Religious Education possible for the pupils. Learning in R.E. is at the core of the curriculum and we ensure that the Bishop's directive is followed in allocating 10% of curriculum time to RE lessons.

Religious icons can be found throughout the school. Displays of work in R.E. are of very high quality and can be seen in classrooms and all around the school, including the school's main reception area.

At Our Lady’s, we recognise not only the importance of helping students to flourish academically but also spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, so they are prepared for life in society and for their role as citizens. It is our aim for pupils to make the strongest possible contribution to the Common Good of all. Our framework for understanding British values draws on the example of Jesus and his welcome and inclusion of all, which is developed in Catholic Social Teaching.