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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School A place of learning - A community of Christ

Year 6

There is a whole host of lessons and experiences happening in Year 6 this term. In RE, we begin with understanding that we are unconditionally loved by God and also find out about the vocation of priesthood. Judaism is the additional faith that we learn about this term. Times of prayer and reflection are an important part of our curriculum. In Literacy, we begin with the text, “Holes.” As well as responding to the text, we delve into the lives of the characters and often write from their perspectives. We then move onto biographies and poetry. Written methods, fractions and decimals make up the majority of Numeracy in the autumn term and we always have time to throw a few Maths games into our learning. WW1 is our History topic and Rivers is our focus in Geography. There are many materials used in Art, during the topic of 2D media-natural forms –animals. There is also a visit to Tring Museum as part of the Art curriculum. Design and Technology provides the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and bake; the Great Bread Roll Bake Off sees every child at their workstations, making six bread rolls each and The Showstopper provides the children with the opportunity to add ingredients to their dough and shape their bread as they wish. As well as curriculum PE, we participate in several festivals with other local schools. In Music, we learn how to play the recorder. Our second language is French and this term we focus on the months, weather and seasons.


The spring term builds on the foundations laid in the previous term. Our times of reflection in RE are of particular poignancy as we approach Easter and remember Jesus’ death, resurrection and the impact He has on our lives today. Letter writing is the first genre of writing in Literacy this term and a solid understanding of the difference between formal and informal language and sentence structure is focussed upon. Arithmetic continues to be a regular feature on the Numeracy curriculum as well as working on the different types of averages and algebra. Science lends itself to many experiments as we focus on electricity: how it works and its potential dangers.  In Art, the topics are Giacommetti Sculpture and Native American Art. In Design and Technology, the children are challenged to consider how to survive in the wild. As part of this, they design and make shelters led by Forest Rangers. This term’s History is finding out about the Changing Role of Women through the ages from Ancient times to the modern day and in Geography, the topics are Coasts and Cities. Playing the recorder continues with reading music as the focus. In French,  it’s time to tell the time and name the subjects on the school timetable. In PE, Year 6 train to be Sports’ Leaders and they lead the rest of the school in lunchtime activities.


The summer term welcomes the much awaited PGL trip. After the SATS, Year 6 have a week away which is always a time of fun and making memories together. The curriculum continues with the Mayans in History, Food and Famine in Geography, the work of Matisse in Art and Our Changing World in Science. In Literacy, balanced arguments are covered and in conjucntion with Building the Kingdom, there is a focus on how to use our voices to speak up against injustice. This also ties in with RE, in which the focus is the Universal Church. In Numeracy, algebra continues and preparations for the KS3 curriculum begin. Verbs, including the verb to be, are introduced in French and in Music, playing the recorder continues with composing added into the lessons. Summer sports, such as rounders and athletics, are the focus of PE and in Design and Technology, there is barbecuing and sewing mascots. The school year ends with the Year 6 play (always a highlight on the school calendar,) a leavers’ Mass and leavers’ assembly.