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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School A place of learning - A community of Christ

Year 4

In the Autumn term, children will learn how to write their own Myths based on the Greek myth Odysseus and the Cyclops. They will learn journalistic skills and develop writing a newspaper report based on a Pie Corbett piece ‘Local Hero wins Medal’ and develop their poetic skills and vocabulary by  learning and innovating  upon a variety of limericks.  In Maths, we focus on consolidating the different written methods for the four operations as well as converting different measurements and time. In RE, children have the chance to research and look in to their own family trees and the family tree of Jesus Christ. They will look at what it means to be called upon by God and learn about the story of advent. In the Autumn term, History allows children to research the Ancient Egyptians. During Geography lessons, they will have the chance to learn about looking after the environment and in Science they will discover about the states of matter as well as completing the exciting but the stomach turning topic of ‘Where does all that food go?’


In the Spring term, we focus on improving our literacy skills through writing and performing plays, looking closely at story settings, writing persuasive texts and "The Eagle" by Lord Alfred Tennyson. In numeracy there is more of a focus on fractions and measurements. Through our RE topics children get the chance to look at the local church and community, the importance of living in communion and self discipline during Lent/Easter. In Science we look at sound (Good vibrations) and electricity (Switched on). The Geography topic allows children to build up knowledge of village settlers, India, maps, 8 compass points, grid reference, keys and symbols. In the Spring term, Year 4 children have the chance to complete a local study in History. They will have a look at how WW2 affected Buckinghamshire.


In the Summer term RE we look at Islam,  the Pentecost, what it means to hear and live the Easter message, reconciliation, building bridges, universal church and how different saints show people what God is like. Literacy gives the children a chance to improve their vocabulary though looking at stories with a theme, writing discussions and explanations and through researching a particular poet. In Science we look at the changing environment and ‘Who am I?’. Maths in the summer Year 4 allows a deeper look into Statistics and provides an opportunity for consolidation and review of what we have learnt in year 4. Geography allows us to study leisure time which link to the Egyptians and the Nile. While in our History topic after half term we get to look at Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots.


Throughout the year we enable opportunities for children to learn basic French. They also have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument with an external teacher.  Within computing, the children will get the chance to learn about how to stay safe on internet as well as how to program their own algorithms.