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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School A place of learning - A community of Christ

Year 3

In the Advent term we focus on using full stops and capital letters correctly. We develop our handwriting style with daily practice. We write our own fables, based on Aesop’s, a recount of our History trip and a humorous poem. In R.E., the Advent term is where we learn about the promises we make at Baptism and enjoy discovering what makes Advent such a special time. In Maths we focus on learning our times tables with a weekly test. We have a lot of emphasis on place value work and look at written methods of addition and subtraction and use them to solve word problems. In History, our topic is the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We undertake an exciting visit to the Chiltern Open Air Museum where the children have the opportunity to experience life in these Ages. In Science, we begin a topic which we return to throughout the year – Our Changing Word. The children choose a tree in the school grounds and monitor how it, and other aspects of nature, change throughout the year. The second topic is Our Amazing Bodies, focussing on what our body needs and our skeletons. We begin learning German with our friends Felix and Franzi from Berlin Zoo who live in their Breifkasten in our classroom. In ICT, we follow our Digital Literacy programme to help the children understand how they can stay safe online. The children make sandwiches in DT and draw a still life in Art. In Geography, we begin the year by locating the countries and capital cities of Europe then learn the countries and main cities of the British Isles. We also learn the names and location of countries throughout the world for our weekly, alphabetical ‘throw the globe’ quiz’. In Music we focus on singing and rhythm.


The Lent term Literacy introduces the children to non-chronological reports and they write a report about their favourite animal. We go on to write an adventure story and instructions. In R.E., we begin to recognise the different liturgical seasons. We also look at the parts of the Mass and create our own booklets based on ‘Exploring the Mass’. During Lent and Easter, we focus on how Jesus gave everything for us and how we can do something for others. In Maths, we focus on written methods of multiplication and division and calculating with money and working out the perimeters of shapes. In History, we learn about the impact on Britain of the Roman invasion and settlement. Our class trip is to Verulamium where we work with Roman artefacts to learn about daily life in this period. In Science, the children undertake some great experiments relating to how Forces and Light affect our lives. In ICT, we look at how computers work and begin to start programming using Scratch. The children make moving monsters in DT and look at Matisse, creating their own stained glass windows in Art. In Geography, we look at weather around the world and what the environment is like around us. In Music we start to learn the melodica!


The Pentecost term sees the children writing their own Greek myths and learning a poem to perform. In R.E., the major feast is Pentecost. In Year 3, we especially think about those children who have recently received their First Holy Communion. We also spend a week studying the Muslim faith with emphasis on the buildings and some basic beliefs. In Maths, our focus is on Fractions – using playdoh, learning to tell the time and looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. In History, we will be learning about life in ancient Greece, the importance of the city states and the beginning of democracy. Our class trip this term is related to our Science topic of Rocks and Soils. Amersham Field Centre gives the children the opportunity to carry out experiments to identify different soils and rocks. In ICT, we learn how we can represent data using computers. The children make pencil cases in DT and study the patterns in Indian art. In Geography, we learn about ‘what’s in the news’. In this term, Year 3 have their first opportunity to go swimming.